concept, app & flow

In order to make the Loyalty Cloud software work for Noppies, they needed an app for registration in store and monitoring their customers' behaviour and of course to collect and redeem loyalty points on the customers personal mobile phone.

desktop, mobile & app

At m-wise we helped Esso migrate to our loyalty software: Loyalty Cloud. Therefore, Esso's website needed to be adapted and a Loyalty Cloud needed to be integrated by different API's.

data driven loyalty software for retailers

Clients such as Hunkemoller, Esso, Kipling, Vomar, La Place and Shoeby rely on in-house build software by m-wise. This software provides the retailer insights of customers behaviour and details and to start loyalty campaigns.

interactive videos to reduce calls

At we needed to reduce the amount of phone calls at our customer service of clients with about the most common questions. Therefore I've created and introduced these 3 interactive videos. Of course I was happy the calls dropped with 14%!

interactive video for

about me

more that just a designer

Ever since I could draw, even how corny that sounds, I worshiped design. In 2006 I started working in the (online) marketing and design industry. After just 3 years (somewhere around 2008/2009) I realised there is more than just 'webdesign'.


Once I started working as an online marketeer, I got triggered by all the knowledge and insights I got from GA. So I deep dived into the customers behaviour and wondered; What triggers the user, how does their brain work, what is the impact, what emotions are involved during their visit or decision making? All these questions and more, guided me in the direction of the UX Professional I am today.